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Gila Resources

  • Power line maintenance work
  • Water line renewals on Kimball Ln. and Navajo Ln.

  • Controlling Carbon Monoxide

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    Dave Smith and his family arrived in the Gila Valley late Oct. 2002 from Lebanon, Missouri. The Smiths have enjoyed this new area and the people they have met.

    Dave is the Chief Plant Operator of the new Gila Resources Water Reclamation Plant. The new water reclamation plant processes almost 1 million gallons of waste a day. Dave has been involved in this field for the past 12 years. He received his education in Missouri and specializes in this specific field.

    Dave looks forward to being of service to the community and a part of Gila Resources. After hours he enjoys the outdoors and may even learn how to golf.

    Round up Plus is underway

    Roundup Plus is a program that lets people help people. Roundup Plus lets our customers roundup their utility bills to the nearest dollar. This "change" is matched by Gila Resources(up to $5000 per year) and distributed to customers over the age of 62 and meet the program requirements. Please sign up today!

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